Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an outdoor movie package cost?

The price will vary depending on a variety of factors. The selection of screen size to accommodate your audience size, location (indoor or outdoor) and event type will be the largest factor in determining price. Another factor that can affect price is the distance that we will have to travel to your location. Other factors that will affect the total price may be movie licensing and generator fees if power is not supplied at site. Prices can range from $299 to $3000 depending upon individual needs. Please see our Event Packages for a more detailed description.

How big are the screens?

There are many options available concerning screen size. Reel Air Cinemas can arrange for screen sizes from 12’x9’ to 27‘x15’. Just remember that the larger the screen, the more you need to budget for.

What types of venues can Reel Air Cinemas set up in?

Our screens are very versatile and durable. We can set up almost anywhere...the street, the local park, the beach, the backyard or even in a parking lot for a drive-in! The selected area will need to have sufficient space for the screen, and seating area. Please consider trees, lamp posts, and buildings when selecting your area. Reel Air Cinemas will work with you to select one that is appropriate for your event.

What types of movies can we show?

Thousands of movies are available. It is all up to you! Browse the Internet Movie Database at www.imdb.com. This is a great place to start. An important factor when selecting a movie for your community is to gauge appropriate content for your expected audience. Keeping this in mind, Reel Air Cinemas will work with you closely to help you choose films that have a wide appeal. It should be noted that some companies, notably Disney, have restrictions on the use of their films in outdoor settings. Please contact us if you are thinking about showing a Disney film for more information about their restrictions.

Do I have to get a license to show a movie?

Unless you are showing a movie in the privacy of your own home or yard, yes, you are required by law to purchase movie rights. Obtaining a public performance license is a simple process and Reel Air Cinemas will help make it very easy for you as we have the relationships and knowledge to get it done. Public performance license fees range from $150 to $650, depending on a number of factors including title selection, year released, and anticipated audience size. Please ask us about any movie that you may want to show and we can give you licensing pricing information.

What time can the movies begin?

Movies cannot begin before dusk, as outside projection can occur only when ambient light is absent. Sunset times for specific dates are available at www.sunrisesunset.com

Do you provide concessions?

Reel Air Cinemas will provide popcorn and drinks for sale at all of our events. Please call us for a great fundraising idea utilizing our concession services.

When should I schedule my event?

Reel Air Cinemas works on booking events year round. Most spring, summer, and fall events are booked 4-6 months in advance. This gives you and us the time to market, fund, and finalize all the event details. Events can be booked with shorter notice if our schedule will allow. Please contact us with the dates you have in mind so that we may check our calendar for you.

We don’t have a big budget. Is there a way to work with Reel Air Cinemas to bring these events to our community at a reduced price?

Yes. If financial constraints are an issue, there are several ways we can work with you to help you minimize your costs.
Selling sponsorships or advertising space on our screens is a great way to reduce the cost of your event. Find local business sponsors to support the event and, in return, they get to advertise on the big screen before the movie.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If inclement weather prevents Reel Air Cinemas, LLC from presenting your event, we will guarantee you a make-up event on a first available basis. You may reschedule your event date(s) due to forecasted inclement weather 24 hours prior to the event start time. If the weather looks threatening (imminent rain, rain, looming thunder clouds, dangerous winds capable of damaging equipment, etc.) Reel Air Cinemas, LLC reserves the right to protect its own equipment by canceling setup/production.

Does Reel Air Cinemas have insurance?

Reel Air Cinemas maintains a liability policy of not less than two million dollars, covering operation of its equipment and providing all employees, agents, and contractors general and product liability for the period of the event. You may ask to be included as an additional insured for your event dates under Reel Air Cinemas policy.